Insurance Funds


We have been providing services for Insurance Capital Funds (UFK) constantly for last 15 years. Within years we have gained extensive experience in operational and accounting services.

Variety of serviced products:

  • Products with one-off contribution, regular contribution, additional contribution;
  • Group and individual;
  • IKE and IKZE;
  • Products allocating contributions in a wide range of investment funds;
  • Structured products;

Sales support at the stage of concluding insurance contract:

  • Advanced systems for the secure data transmission, required for conclusion of new and amendments of existing contracts;
  • Servicing insurance agreements/applications;
  • Qualification of applications for underwriting purposes;

After-Sales servicing of insurance contracts:

  • Issuance of documents confirming the conclusion of contracts;
  • Servicing disposals in accordance with the general terms and conditions of insurance contract;
  • Verification of insurance contributions;
  • Annual correspondence and in conjunction with placed dispositions;
  • Calculating and charging of fees in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the insurance contract;
  • Preparation of data required for settlements with counterparties;
  • Settlement of transactions;
  • Placing subscription and redemption orders to TFI;
  • Management of bank accounts;

Fund Accounting


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